Mortal Mic Bio Pic

Mortal's Approach

A lot of people make music to "hit it big" one day; for the fame, glory, sex, and money. I did not become a rapper or artist for any of these things... I began my music career as a Gospel Artist, my primary goal was reaching the world with a message. A message of hope, unity, forgiveness, and love. My goal hasn't changed one bit. The primary focus is uniting people, spreading a message of love and hope amongst anyone who is lost and hurting in today's society.

Mortal's Biography

Michael DeWilde also known as Mortal Mic was born in San Francisco, raised by his Mother and Grandparents after his Biological Father had tragic accident leading to his death. His mother eventually found a man who would adopt and raise Michael as his own. The family moved to the East Bay while Michael entered second grade.

Michael struggled in school during his younger years. In second grade Michael could hardly read and was very behind his classmates. Over time Michael became more and more suffice with his studies and eventually excelled, becoming his 8th grade valedictorian. As he began High School he became extremely distracted with his social life and partying, which led to him barely graduate. He was failing his Government and Economics class and unless he got 100% on the final exam he would not be able graduate. He studyed into the wee hours of the night for the final and when time came he missed 2 out of the 100 questions leaving him with a 98%. He should of failed but because his teacher saw the effort put forth he gave Michael the 100% allowing Michael to graduate as part of the class of 02'.

Michael had signed up for the United States Army and was only able to break contract if he were to go to College. Michael ended up going to Art School instead, becoming a student at F.I.D.M. (Fashion Institute Design Merchandising). Michael soon learned he wasn't as skilled as an artist as he thought he was and was very intimidated with the skill-sets of his fellow students. The school suggested he become a Graphic Designer but Michael did not listen, thinking the best way to get his art displayed to the masses would be through t-shirts as a canvas. He pursued Fashion instead, when he should of listened to the suggestion of the school to become a Graphic Designer. He became more and more interested in hanging out on the streets of San Francisco than he was in his studies. He eventually dropped out of school. There was a blessing in his failure at art school and that was meeting a friend of his also named Mike. Mike inspired Mortal to start rapping, and that was all she wrote.

Mortal wrote his first rap verse to be a feature on his new friend Mikes's music. He wrote what he thought was expected of him by today's music industry standard, a bunch of b.s. about drugs, sex, and money. Mike wasn't impressed with Mortal's first verse but further inspired Mortal to adapt his content, make it more original and authentic. Mortal did so and Mike said it was the best stuff ever.

Mortal started making is own beats and producing right away; starting with programs like Ejay and Sonar, then making his way toward FL Studio and more advanced programs. He recorded what he called his first album with a set of headphones held together by a shoe-string and a voice memo microphone. His first large publication was on Myspace which he thought was; "something for the record books", where he released 7 different profiles with 7 songs on each totaling 49 songs with an additional primary page that had a bunch of content too. He thought his music was ground breaking and assumed his large publication would get him the recognition he deserved. But, his production, skills, and quality were not suffice.

He furthered his music career and transferred to Youtube when time adapted and let Myspace go. He didn't follow proper etiquette and took beats from Youtube and recorded a bunch of his own remixes and mixtapes which he also published on Youtube. This is a common practice among artists these days but isn't necessarily okay and can often be mistaken for a battle track against the original artist. This was never his intent, he actually liked and was inspired by the people he was stealing instrumentals from. His Youtube page accumulated thousands of views over time and had nearly 100 tracks. He has recently deleted his entire page and has started fresh with original music only. Now Mortal's music can be found on today's best sites like; Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Spotify, and more...

Mortal Mic struggled for years adapting to becoming an adult. He had many jobs, from local grocery stores to K-Mart, Starbucks to Hospice, meanwhile he always pursued his artistic abilities on the side. Michael often found himself fired for attendance issues. He found himself homeless, living in storage units, and eventually found shelter in a friends garage where he stayed for years. He is now an Operator a local Steel Mill and more than ever persistent with his music and art career.  He has also opened a recording studio of his own, at a local shopping mall www.YourArtStudio.Gallery.

The story goes on and on, and this biography doesn't explain half of the struggle and perseverance Mortal endured and endures as artist, writer, and musician but it does give you a adequate view into Mortal Mic's life.